We make grammar visible

Learning German can be very difficult, especially if it is not your native language. To make German grammar more accessible, we have developed a system that explains all grammar topics of the German language in a visual way – from word formation to sentence structure.

"The idea of translating German grammar into graphic elements to make its structure more understandable and memorable is ingenious and has been implemented logically and comprehensively down to the last detail with the 'little book'."


A system for the German language

We have combined color, text, and signs to make grammatical features visible and ensure they are always present in a consistent way. This visual consistency allows for a continuous learning process and makes it easier for you to identify new content and recognize content you have already learned.

  • Parts of Speech

  • Declension
  • Comparison
  • Conjugation

Word formation

We use color and text appearance to draw your attention to important language features. In this way you can immediately recognize the verb stem or the grammatical gender of a noun, for example. Seeing these features makes it easier for you to understand and remember them.

Parts of speech

Parts of speech are distinguished through signs, which visually translate the function and features of a word. Now you can see, for example, how some words in German can affect the whole sentence structure.


The signs for articles, nouns, adjectives and pronouns have a double function. They indicate which case the word is in and also remind you of the correct declension.

Comparing structures

Seeing grammar with our system makes it easier to visually compare different grammar structures and consequently understand their differences and similarities.